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🔥 Academia da Trama is a global community of ambitious and talented creators willing to thrive.

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Make a living as a creator is not easy.

As a talented creator, you wish to express yourself, live a meaningful life through authenticity and passion. But becoming a successful creator can be overwhelming. It could be a lifelong & lonely ride - and can never happen.

But it's about to change.


We are announcing a Global Community for top talented creators.

It's a place for people who share values and beliefs and believe original ideas can significantly impact people's lives. Connecting talents increase the chances of everyone to thrive - by a lot. Whatever you want to do next, we will help you get there - fast.


Boost your career


Launch and scale your ideas


Make lifelong friends.

Do you want to join the community?

Apply to one of our action-oriented programs:

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How a program works?

It is an 08-10 weeks program with different activities with other fellows and renowned specialists to help you improve your life projects:

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Opportunities are endless...

  • Partnership with creators and brands.

  • Relly in trustful professionals to advise you along the journey.

  • Connect to specialists, brands, and investors.

  • Discover new projects and ideas.

  • Learn something new every day.

  • Access great perks and deals.

  • Lifetime access to the community

Ending the program is just the beginning...

Programs are the open doors for you to get inside the community. But after the program, you will have the opportunity to meet and attend new events with people from many different programs, and find new opportunities to boost your projects or start something new. 

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It is not a miracle...

Even with our resources available to you, thriving as a creator is not easy. Mainly for those who don't have an audience yet, but also established creators need to reinvent themselves every day. Every creator lives in a fine line between growing and waning.  But the journey is tough. The most valuable advice that we give to every fellow is: You harvest what you sow.

Looking to the future...

The creator's journey is not easy anyway. But it is much more promising and exciting to do it belonging to a community with endless opportunities.

If you want to make a living as a creator, live a meaningful life with authenticity and passion, apply to our programs.


To be continued...

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